I don’t celebrate New Year’s Eve or the New Year. I think it’s stupid and really just 1. A group of people afraid to get older and 2. A group of people who just want to get drunk.

For some reason, however, I do feel like looking back and taking stock of what happened this past year. For me, it was mostly a year of loss. I lost an uncle, three co-workers, a dear friend, one of my dogs, and helped another co-worker during the loss of her brother. These deaths were spread out through out the year so it seemed as though as soon as I was coming to terms with one death another one happened.

While there was a lot of loss I met a lot of wonderful people who have filled my live with great joy and re-connected with others. One in particular practically saved my life when I first moved to New York at the start of my sophomore year of high school. She provided me with a safe space to deal with a lot of things at that time of my life. I honestly do not know how I would have gotten through that time without her. It was great to meet her as an adult. I didn’t get a chance to thank her for all she did to help me but I think she knows.

Running and I had an up and down year — mostly down until about mid-August. Because of this I only had one PR this year, but if you are going to PR let it be in your marathon. I may have missed my overall time goal for the marathon but an 11 minute PR is not too shabby at all.

As this year is also the start of my 40’s I’ve promised myself that I would celebrate it as long as I possibly can. I have a trip to the opera in a couple of weeks to see my favorite soprano and again for her cabaret performance in March. It’s ok to consider a March concert a belated December birthday gift right? Then of course there is my trip to Miami at the end of January.

There will be more trips to the opera this year, something that I haven’t done enough of in the past couple of years.  I also plan to enjoy my running more this year. I want to get close to my old PRs in many distances if not outright get some new ones.

So there you have my end of 2011 post.


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