Crazy as a Loon

You know you have been feeling pretty good about your running when 1) you are looking forward to running 18 miles and 2) when you tell someone you are “only” running 18 miles.

For so long I was feeling really down about my running and wondering when I was going to get my mojo back. Now that it’s back I’m a bit giddy about every run and I especially look forward to my long runs. For a moment I was even rethinking my plan to make this year’s marathon my last one for a bit.


We’ll see. I’ve still got this 18 mile long run and then my 20 mile long run coming up with 14 and 12 mile runs mixed in and well then there is that actual 26.2 long run.

But right now I’ll just enjoy my temporary (I hope) insanity and keep taking my vitamins.


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I'm a SloHoMo.
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