Holy Chafing Batman!

Somehow this past summer I accomplished an amazing task — I managed to not get any sunburns or chafing.

One 18 mile long run in Central Park, in fall, took care of that.

It was so hot and muggy during yesterday’s long run that I noticed my legs right along the hemline on the front of my shorts were red and sore. Uh-oh, these are the shorts I always wear on my long runs because they DON’T chafe. Well, apparently when they are soaked through with sweat they will. I triaged the situation as best I could and applied my emergency packets of petroleum jelly to each leg. All was good. Or so I thought.

When I got home I was so hungry that I decided to eat first instead of heading into the shower. The shower is where I normally discover, and quite painfully, the mystery chafing spots. At that time I can usually give any soprano a run for her money. But no, I have discovered an even worse way. My lower back was a little achy so I decided to spray some BioFreeze on it.

I think my scream was so high pitched that only the dogs in the neighborhood could hear it. There are no words to describe the pain I experienced. Holy mother of God that shit hurt!

But some baked macaroni and cheese made it better. Doesn’t that always make things better? Thank you Fresh Direct and the mystery people who made it.

The sunburn isn’t as bad but I’ve got a nice singlet burn so my upper arms don’t look deathly white anymore. That’s always a good thing, right? Well, aside from the cancer thing.

But there is always baked macaroni and cheese.

What are you’re favorite post-long run meals?


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