This is kind of how I feel all the time but now I'm a little more weird about germs. But I would make an exception for Kate Winslet. I would like to touch her -- a lot.

There are 23 days until the NYC Marathon and it is about that time when I start getting a little paranoid about germs. I rarely get colds but when I do it takes me a long time to recover and that would not be good for my marathon.

Around this time last year I actually told someone in Duane Reade that if there was even the slightest hint that they had a contagion they should leave my air space immediately. The person actually walked away, most likely because they thought I was crazy.

I’m making sure I take my daily multi-vitamin, eating well, and that I’m getting enough sleep. I am now carrying around my hand sanitizer and don’t touch things that are contagion carriers.

This reminds me of a story from my college years. (Don’t worry it fits in and will be wrapped up all neat and tidy). I was with a small group of friends on the subway one afternoon and we noticed a homeless guy sleeping on the train. In the seat next to him was a puddle of water from the open window on the subway car. When the guy woke up his leg was asleep and he started yelling to people, “Don’t go near that, it’s paralysis water!” Funny at the time but I’m not taking any chances. Really, I’m not that paranoid — yet. (See how I tied that into the overall blog post?)

That comment sums up all the biohazards out there and my state of mind.

But seriously people, if you have cooties stay home and far away from any marathoners. We have been working way too hard to have you ruin our big day. There is also a chance I may turn into a contagion carrying zombie and you wouldn’t want that to happen.


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