Snow Day!

The scene in my backyard on Saturday. I got another two inches of snow after this picture was taken.

This post was originally supposed to be my Poland Spring Marathon Tuneup race re-cap but mother nature had some other ideas like dumping a shit load of snow — on October!

My marathon training plan called for an eight mile long run but if we were doing the Poland Spring 5 mile race that was to be our mileage.

When stories of Metro North Railroad started to report problems on the rails I had a feeling I would not being making it into the city even if the race did not get canceled. So I headed out and ran my eight miles in wind, rain, and snow. That makes me sound like a hardcore crazy runner.

I’m happy I did that because it allowed me to play happy homemaker for the rest of Saturday and play Occupy My Sofa on Sunday. Before I left for the run I put all the ingredients in the crock pot for my turkey chili and then made a dinner of artichoke and leek soup. On Sunday I made the cornbread for the chili and eventually got out of my PJs and changed into sweats.

I think I needed to have that kind of lazy day going into marathon week. I’m trying not to make this week crazy so that I can just ease into the marathon fully rested and ready to go. I got my “throw away” sweats last week, already had enough Gu, and have my pumpkin ravioli for my pasta meal the night before. I took today off from work and plan on keeping things stress free all week.

I’m good to go for this little race on Sunday.

Random lesbian name to generate page views – Sarah Paulson.

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