No, this is not a let’s take a look at what we did last year post. Done that, sort of. This post is about the fact that last January I only ran four times. That’s right, four times. One of those run was at the beginning of the month, two were in the middle, and the last was near the end. None was longer than three and half miles. No worries about over training here.

Part of this was due to the weather, we got walloped with a lot of snow and my neighbors are not that great at clearing their sidewalks. That provided me with a very good excuse — safety concerns! Then there was the simple fact that it was cold and there was snow. None of this had anything to do with me being lazy. Not at all.

So far I have already been out running five times with two long runs of 10 and 12 miles each. We will not mention that the weather has been in the 40s most of the time and that I actually do have a half marathon I’m training for.

I don’t have any major races planned after the Miami Half. I did not get into the NYC Half Marathon and I my charity group is not participating this year so I have a bit of a hole in my calendar that I’m looking to fill up.

Just please let this climate change keep things warm for a bit longer, at least for this weekend when I have to run 14 miles.

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