Image courtesy of clker.comWhen I was training for the marathon this past year I read another blog (can’t remember which one) where they compared running to a manic depressive person. Some days running takes its meds and some days it doesn’t.

I always prefer when it does take its meds, it makes life so much easier and I question myself less. It works well for both of us so running, please take your meds all the time.

I had taken some time off after the Miami Half mainly due to a sinus infection so I really only started running seriously again this past weekend. I expected it to be somewhat sluggish and it certainly felt like that. My legs felt heavy, I thought I was breathing heavier, and certainly did not feel “fast.” Of course when I got back home and synced my Garmin I realized I was breathing heavier because I was running faster. What was great was that I didn’t feel worse for the effort when I was done, it felt like I had a good workout.

Running also serves the purpose of being my daily med. A twitter pal of mine (I seem to be borrowing a lot of thoughts from the Internet today) wrote something along the lines of, “You may start a run angry but never finish it angry.” For the most part I do agree. How many times have we had a bad day at work and the only thing we want is to go running because we know it will make us feel better? Often, when I start a run angry I tend to push myself harder with the need to work out that aggression. Note to self: Do some speedwork on these days.

There are days however, that I do finish a run angry. Usually that has something do with the run itself or something that happened during the run like inconsiderate drivers. Seriously, whay can’t drivers look both ways before they turn or let the runner go before trying to kill them? But I do usually find that the anger goes away quickly afterwards, usually with the help of some red wine.

Speaking of which, doesn’t the dinner you make after an evening run always taste awesome, especially with red wine?

Yes, I know that there have many scientific articles written about how running is a great anti-depressant but work with me here I wrote this for the layman!

Today, I registered for eight races. My spring running is almost planned out and I’m kind of excited about that. I really hope that running continues to take its meds so that I can maybe get a PR or two.

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