Colon Cancer Challenge 15k

The last time I did a 15k it coincidentally marked the start of my training for the Miami Half Marathon, interestingly enough the same thing happened with my Brooklyn Half Marathon training. The last time I wrote about a 15k I mostly mentioned how it was a distance I was still trying to figure out. I got closer to my PR in that race but still wasn’t too sure how I felt about it.

This weekend ended up being much better, perhaps because I never thought about it distance wise and maybe because I ran seven miles the weekend before on a much hillier route. Is hillier a word? I’m going to say yes since spell check didn’t pick it up so now I just have to hope it means the same thing.

My PR in this distance was the Colon Cancer 15k back in 2009, also my first ever 15k. On Sunday, I had my second best time in a 15k and was only two minutes off that PR. So overall I am very happy with that result. I never felt tired and I never thought about the distance. This could be because I saw Karl and his friend Pam several times on the course and cheering each other on kept my focus where it needed to be.

The evil polyps in the giant colon

Or it could have been the fact that I walked through the giant colon before the race!

Not too make fun of the event because it was for a serious cause and I recently found that a family friend’s sister died from colon cancer but the giant inflatable colon is somewhat legendary in the NYRR running ranks.

One year the colon was not at the race and I cannot tell you how many people were saddened by its absence. I’m not just talking about myself. I know plenty of people who look forward to this event because of the colon. Also, we got lollipops or lollipolyps as a friend pointed out after going through it. Bonus!

Next up is the Scotland 10k plus and additional four miles for my training. It’s Easter weekend and there is the possibility that my mom may be released from her PT rehab facility at the end of the week and my uncle may come up. If that happens I may miss the race for the first time but will gave to figure out getting that 10 mile run completed.

But for now, I’m liking the 15k distance a bit more than the last time I ran.


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