It’s 5:00 am

This is what 5:10 am looks like in suburbia -- it's dark.

Do you know where your runner is?

I was determined to get up before the ass crack of dawn and run. So far it’s scoops – 3 vs. 5:00 am – 8. I’m gaining some momentum and hope to close that gap in the next couple of weeks.

After two weekends of good races it’s time to get serious about logging the miles for the Brooklyn Half Marathon. I may not have a specific time goal but I want to do well and in order to that I have to do some focused running that involves some hills, speed work, and other runs with running terms in them. I’m looking at you fartleks.

These 5:00 am runs have to be very focused as there is no room for dilly-dallying and cats that will not move out of your way. My morning schedule is tight and that means I’ve got to get dressed and head out the door almost as soon as the alarm goes off.

I have been impressed by the number of other runners out on the streets in the morning but am alarmed at their lack of safety measures. As you can see from the above picture it is dark out where I live and I am amazed at the number of runners I see wearing all black and running in the street without any reflective gear. If I can’t see you directly in front of me how can a car see you? Don’t put your safety in the hands of others!

There have been many occasions when I almost been hit by a car under the best circumstances during daylight hours and perfect weather. Now throw in pitch black conditions, empty streets, and ninja runners. You are asking for something bad to happen and I am surprised it hasn’t happened yet. You can only control yourself so make sure you are wearing reflective gear, have a flashlight or headlamp, and for heaven’s sake, NO HEADPHONES! You are only asking for trouble otherwise.

PSA rant over.

Aside from the suicidal ninja runners this was a very pleasant run. The one problem is that when the temps are on the coolish side my IT band on my right side starts to act up. Not so much that it is outright pain but just that I am aware it exists. Due to my time constraints I did not have a chance to foam roll it and really stretch it out. If you walk by my cube and I’m doing some weird things with my leg you know why.


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