Sights and Sounds From a Long Run

Back in November when I was preparing for a business trip to Denver I was contacted by this group called Qualvu to do a market research study about using mobile devices while traveling. Part of that involved doing a daily check in via video. It was a lot of fun and for one of them I did it while on my morning run. The folks at Qualvu got a nice kick out of it.

During today’s long run I figured I do the same thing along the part of my route that I often have a challenging time. So here it is — the video from my long run. It’s probably somewhat boring and you may get some motion sickness. But you also get and idea of where I run in Westchester. One of the clips that somehow got lost on my phone was one where I point out Mansion Place that does indeed have mansions and you get miss my exciting commentary about old money versus new money. I’ll save that for next time.

Hope you enjoy it!


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