I grew up in the desert and have a creation fondness for warm (or hot) weather. Growing up I remember playing in soccer tournaments in the middle of summer in the afternoon when the temps were in the low 100s. It was only when the temperature hit 110 that our parents thought about getting spray bottles to mist us occasionally. And yes, it was dry heat.

Now doing all that in humidity is a different story but I’ll take it any day over cold weather. My entire outlook on live is so much better during the summer. Maybe I have a mild case of seasonal depression that brings down during the winter months and early spring when it just never seems to stop with that annoying cold rain.

I also run better in warm weather. Gone are the layers of warmer running clothes. No long pants, multiple layers of shirts, beanies, and gloves. Just a shirt, pair of shorts, socks, and light weight hat. Pure heaven!

I love thinking about which of my most light weight shirts will be perfect for my summer long runs and stocking up on the Stop & Shop 10 for 10 deals on Gatorade. Even better, is going for that morning run and coming home completely drenched in sweat. You just feel as though you have really accomplished something. In fact one of the things I enjoy about this is checking how much I really did sweat when I take off my running shirt. Yes, it is a little odd but it my way of making sure I really did get a good run in. The more sweat on the shirt the better.

This of course means that my laundry mostly consists of running clothes and I am perfectly fine with that.



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