Hot Summer in the City

See how I avoided the overused we’re having a heat wave title there?

Sunday was the Queens 10k in Flushing Meadow Park — a park with little shade. It was near the mid-80s with around 53 percent humidity at the start of the race. We were sweating just standing in the starting corrals.

Since my one and only goal was to basically finish and get my credit towards my NYC Half Marathon guaranteed entry I wasn’t sweating this one. Ouch. I did start it a bit faster than I wanted but as I approached the second water station I slowed down and practiced my long run pace. Considering that, I was pretty happy with the results. I was six minutes off of my 10k PR but this race had some nice perks as well. Aside from working out my long run pace and getting a medal there were some nice ice water sponges at the finish. Yes, that was a nice bonus and the perfect way to end the race. I’m simple like that.

My Neutrogena sunblock worked awesomely as usually, highly recommended for people like me who come in three colors; white, less white, and lobster red. I also got to try my new Yurbuds out. I really like them but a note if you are thinking about using them. While they’re not technically noise canceling, their very design does block out a lot of noise. You’ll need to lower your volume if you are used to using your Apple ear buds. You will also want to keep the volume low so that you can hear instructions on the race course or so that you can hear that murderer or zombie coming up behind you on a run. Seriously, enjoy your music but be smart, you need to hear what is going on around you. I’m looking at you people who run with your Beats headphones. Oh and you also look stupid running with your Beats headphones. If you are interested in the Yurbuds or my super awesome sunblock visit the Running Accessories section up above.

Marathon training has officially started. I’m using the Hal Higdon plan and all of his plans  have a rest day on Monday. I like starting a training plan with a rest day. Three miles tomorrow morning though. Bring it on New York!

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