Don’t Get Chased by Bees

Every once in a while it feels as though one of my long runs ends up being like a DirecTV commercial. Kind of like my current fav — Don’t fall into a dinner party. Please watch the video below so you can have an idea about the next couple of things I will write. It’s only 32 seconds, you’ll love.

So I was out on my long run this morning, a nice seven miles through New York and Connecticut, when my fist of goodness and I ran by a bee. Said bee was not impressed with my fist of goodness or my calf and stung my in that calf. I’m mildly allergic which means I’m not oh shit get to the ER now kinds thing but enough that I needed to get home and take some Benedryl.


They really do chase you.

I ran/walked home for the magic pink pill slightly angry that I wouldn’t be able to finish the seven miles. Since it felt better while I ran I even contemplated finishing my seven miles. Then I felt it stinging and thought better of it. I don’t really want my RoadID to be used.

So far I don’t have any inflammation although I will feel a pinch/sting when I stretch it while walking. The Benedryl is kicking in (hello nap time!) and I am currently icing it to keep any swelling down. I’l be visiting my mom in the hospital later today so at least I’ll be close to the ER in case it gets worse.

I am, of course, hoping to get the long run in tomorrow.

This brings me to the Hal app. Today I had a stronger gps signal on my phone and the app matched my distance more accurately through five miles. Although the gap kept widening the longer I ran. I would be interested to hear from faster runners to see how accurate the app is for them to see if it’s just a slow runner thing. But I do hope that anyone using a smartphone app to train double checks the milage they are putting in because the marathon is 26.2 miles not 26 and that .2 miles is hell when you have put in all the training miles you are supposed to. I can only imagine what it would be like if you didn’t, you might end up falling into a dinner party.


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