Week 7

Yeah, that’s not a very exciting title for a blog post just as this wasn’t a very exciting week for running.

My quad was somewhat achy this week so I only ran twice during the week with the hopes of having an extra rest day for my long run.

I was supposed to run the Percy Sutton 5k in Harlem yesterday but my cat had other ideas as he turned off the alarm and I overslept. Taking that as a sign I decided not to do my long run yesterday and ran today. One problem, I didn’t really hydrate that well on Saturday.

Temperature-wise it was cooler today but there was some high humidity. Combine that with my lack of hydration and it made for a tough long run. I also ran this near my home which makes any distance over 10 miles a little tricky as well.

The drivers in my area are not pedestrian friendly so I try to keep to the roads with sidewalks. I think I ran four loops around Lyon Park before heading out on King Street and into Purchase, NY and Connecticut for the it and back portion. It was long and hard but it’s done and that’s the whole point of these long runs. No matter how long it takes you just get those miles in.

More important, was how my quad felt, which was great. Everything else felt like crap but that quad was a trooper. This is a great sign as the intensity of the workouts will increase from here on out.

I did try a new product on my sunglasses today called, Quick Spit Anti-fog spray. I always have problems with my sunglasses fogging up on my long runs during hot and humid days and decided to give this a try. It worked wonderfully. There were a couple of spots where I did fog up a bit where I didn’t apply enough but I was so happy to not have to deal with that. I highly recommend this for anyone who has that problem.

I also picked up a yoga for runners DVD. Go ahead and get the laughter out of your system now. With my recent quad issues and figured this would help get things stretched out and try to balance out some other not so great feeling muscles. I’ll post how that goes after a week of so of actually using the DVD.

I signed up for the NYRR NFL four mile race in Central Park on Thursday, it’s been so long since I have gone running in the evening so this will be a nice change of pace. Next week’s long run is a step down one so the 10 miles should feel nice and easy and I won’t forget to hydrate.


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