Half Way There

I’m at the half way point of my training for the Miami Half Marathon and things are looking pretty good.

So far I have really enjoyed the Runner’s World Challenge training plan. I haven’t done much with the message board support group but do plan on checking out to see if anyone else is training for Miami.

The running aspect of the plan the exact change of pace that I have been looking for. I like the speed work portions of the plan and I enjoy how the long runs balance out.

This week also happens to be my step down week which couldn’t have come at the right time. This easy, low mileage week has given me the chance to get some extra rest for more sore left calf. I’ve got a nice five mile long run tomorrow.

I was finally able to locate the knot with good old fashioned plastic massager and that has made all the difference in the world. I also have to remember to shorted my stride a little bit as a run up hills as it most often hurts when I stretch it out as I run up the hill.

Thankfully, the Miami course isn’t really hilly, even though last year’s female winner said it was. I only remember the slight up hill near the start as we entered the MacArthur Causeway and maybe one or two smaller “hills” along the course. Miami is pretty flat and that makes me happy.

Next week, we get serious with 10, 11, 13, and 11 miles each weekend until the half. This will be the first half marathon where I don’t have a 14 mile long run so I am really interested to see how this goes. But my pace has been steadily improving and I feel pretty strong when I’m out there running. That is exactly where you should be at the half way point.



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2 Responses to Half Way There

  1. Sounds like you’re on track…

  2. Lori Lee says:

    Great job. Stay in there. Let me know if you want help training. 🙂

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