Just Plain Old Slow

Yes, I am a slow runner. We know that but what I have also known is that I also tend be a slow healer. I learned this as fact when 12 years ago my doctor flat out told me, “You’re just a slow healer.”

It’s really hard to patient when this healing stuff is going on. I had the quad issue while training for the  marathon and it took about a month for it to finally feel better even after a week of complete rest. Now this training cycle it has been my left calf, also about a month into it and a full week of rest.

I’ve been doing the RICE thing, Tiger Balming, Bio Freezing, KT Taping, and compression sleeving. Some days it would feel fine and others just painful. I got through the Joe K 10k, which I was worried about with all those hills. I wore my compression sleeve and I got through it.

This morning it seems to suddenly be healed. No pain while running and no tightness afterwards. This is how things go for me. Lingering pain and then nothing. Sort of like the  muscle just gets tired of being the drama queen and wants to move onto something else.

I’m not complaining, it gives me peace of mind as I enter my high mileage week of training. I’ll still treat the calf with some extra TLC but I know I won’t have to worry.

As I say that I’m knocking on some very nice cherry wood, although it’s slightly rotted. I hope that doesn’t jinx me.


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