On the Lanai

How many of you learned what a lanai was from watching the Golden Girls? It’s ok to admit that, we didn’t have lanai’s in Texas.

This distracted me. It would distract you too if you came from frigid NYC. Miami Beach temp 78, NYC temp 31. (c) Stacey Cooper

This distracted me. It would distract you too if you came from frigid NYC. Miami Beach temp 78, NYC temp 31. (c) Stacey Cooper

That’s where I was sitting at my hotel when I had every intention of writing this post but I got distracted by a beach.

I was relaxing after a lovely massage after running the half marathon and I just kept thinking that a nice dip in the chilly ocean would be a nice substitute for an ice bath. It was. You are now jealous. Like the lanai thing, it’s ok.

So about that race. As you know I my number one goal was to get that elusive PR. I didn’t. But I’m ok with that. Seriously, I am. Because of my lack of consistency in training for the previous two weeks I knew it was going to be tough. Also, the humidity. That always plays a role. What I did accomplish was getting a course PR and that I will take any day.

The day before the race I went out for an easy shakeout run to get that heaviness out of my legs. I did this along the path off Ocean Drive. I could see the beach from where I ran. You are still jealous. My legs felt ok, but I felt slow even for a shakeout run which is supposed to be slow. I took it easy the whole day by staying out of the sun for extended periods of time, I hydrated well, and I rested — on the beach.

I slept well the night before, unlike the previous year, I made sure that I didn’t have to stand around too long. I started off slow, but since I am the queen of the positive split, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to speed up during the last few miles. I was ok with that. Last year, I went out too fast and the wheels fell off at mile 10. Those last three miles were horrendous. This year, I maintained a fairly steady pace even though I did have a few positive splits. But I felt ok. In my mind I kept thinking that I would be able to speed things up at mile 10, then I got to mile 10 and thought save it until mile 11, and then I thought just stay steady as I was starting to feel tired.

Got my race bling - right side up this year. (c) Stacey Cooper

Got my race bling – right side up this year. (c) Stacey Cooper

Could I have pushed harder the last few miles? Maybe. But I wanted to have a good feeling about this race since I didn’t last year. I was able to chat with a few during the last few miles and even smile at the end.

I also wasn’t crazy sore like I was last year. Yes, one could argue that’s because I didn’t push myself hard enough but that pain is not fun. I was able to get off the shuttle bus without crying as I walked off the steps. That alone is a victory! I was also able to walk to the place to get my massage. You are still jealous.

That was a spiritual experience. It is located in this little alcove on Lincoln Rd. right next to the Miami Beach Community Church. There was a nice breeze, nice wind chimes, and you could hear the people in church singing their hymns. It was a lovely experience and my masseuse got out some serious knots in my shoulders.

My original plan was to go back to the hotel and have an ice bath, but my room did not have a tub just a lovely marble shower. I would not call it a sex shower but it was nice. That’s where the idea of going to the beach came in. Nice option, I know.

The water was cool enough but I knew the salt water was going to hurt the numerous chafing areas on my body. Seriously, who knew you could chafe along your belly button. But it was just what I needed. The water worked, I spread out in the sun to dry off and I saw bare breasts. Perfect beach day!

This morning, my legs feel great. No delayed onset soreness. I refuse to refer to that as DOMS because that sounds like a sexually transmitted disease. The chafing areas are not bothering me, well the one around my belly button is still tender, and I rested well after the race. Also, no sunburn!

Now I’m just waiting for my flight back to New York where it is snowing/sleeting/raining. You are smirking at me and saying I deserve it for rubbing my sunny awesomeness in your face.

I still want to PR for the half marathon in 2013. That’s my big running goal. Right now I’m  thinking that the next serious option will be Brooklyn in May although I do have have marathons planned for February and March. I’m not planning the PR attempt for those races as I’m not too sure about the training. This is the first time I’m doing three half marathons right on top of each other with only a few weeks between each one. But who knows maybe that is what I need.


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1 Response to On the Lanai

  1. Melissa says:

    I totally learned the word lanai from Golden Girls! No PR, but lots of positives for this race. Congrats!

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