I Have Skis for Feet

The tendonitis on the top of my left foot made it’s return this morning. It is not welcome.

I was hoping it wouldn’t come back but I knew it would and then I just hoped that it wouldn’t happen this early in the summer. Thankfully, it’s not the type of injury that will sideline me so the Runner’s World Run Streak lives on! In fact, it doesn’t ever hurt when I run only when I stop.

With this new flare up early in the season I have to make sure that I take all the precautionary measures so that it doesn’t get worse. Step one involved the application of the good ole KT Tape and it really does help most of the time. Step two involves keeping the foot elevated when I can and then I need to make sure I ice it after every run for step three.

Before and after of the shoe lace method that i supposed to take pressure off the top of my foot.

Before and after of the shoe lace method that is supposed to take pressure off the top of my foot.

This go around, I’m going to try a new method for lacing my shoes. Instead of the traditional way we have been lacing our shoes I am now skipping the cross over part over the middle of my foot where I have the tendonitis.

I think there may be some sound logic here, aside from the fact that my old sports doctor recommended it. But what does he know with his fancy medical degree? Anyway, over the past year I have noticed pressure marks on the top of my foot from my sock, which is usually a sign that shoe is tied too tight. So tomorrow morning I’ll see if I notice a difference.

I’m almost just about due for a new pair of shoes. I don’t feel them breaking down yet but I am almost at 350 miles on them and that’s usually when it’s time to start looking for a new pair. When I get new shoes I always go to the same store for the simple fact that I have skis for feet. I wear a size 11 shoe and my width is somewhere between normal and narrow. There is only one store in all of NYC that always has my shoes size in stock, in several colors, and different brands. For this I will always love JackRabbit Sports, the bonus is that I always get 10 percent off of all my purchases and their customer service is out of this world. Most importantly, they never seem shocked about my shoe size or make me feel like a freak for having such big feet.

They also do, what I think, is the best gait analysis that I have ever done. They get you on the treadmill in a pair of neutral type shoes and video tape you as you run. They can then tell if you pronate, supinate, or if you are a perfect neutral runner. Depending on how you run they’ll pick out all these shoes that can help your form. They will do this until you find the shoe that you like best.

The last time I did this was about five years ago and that was before I started running marathons. I know I still pronate ever so slightly on my right foot and who knows with all the miles I am now running on a regular basis I may need a different brand of shoe or model.

Right now, my little skis and I will try the new lacing configuration and see if that can last me some additional miles on these shoes.


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