Things I See While Running

I was going to write a nice little race recap of the Get Out on Governors Island 10k (GOGI10k) but I’m not very good at writing race recaps. I just can’t seem to get interested in writing about how fast, well slow really, I ran certain miles and if I’m not interested in writing about you won’t like reading it.

But I did see some interesting things while I was running around Governors Island. I saw some chickens, a baby goat, some good friends, some super excited kids running their first 100 yard dash, a cannon or two, and a really nice looking quesadilla that I ate.

I rode this quadricycle after the race with my friend Lori. We're calling this my first brick.

I rode this quadricycle after the race with my friend Lori. We’re calling this my first brick workout.

I have no idea how I actually did during this race as the official results have not been posted. Given how hot it was and that I’m still doing this crazy Runner’s World Run Streak I think I did pretty well. My Garmin, Brooke 2.0, recorded a distance less than 10k  which is similar to others I know who ran the race.

Off the island and back in Westchester I have seen a great deal of wildlife. I saw an opossum that I thought was playing dead but turned out to be really dead. That was sad. Then this morning I saw a mother deer and her baby crossing the street, a rare sighting.

I have yet to lay my eyes on a personal trainer who gets runners and I’m giving up that search for the time being. I don’t want to start my marathon training next week feeling frustrated about not finding this mythical personal trainer. What I have seen a lot of are several articles in various running magazines about the importance of adding strength training to my running regimen. They can suck it right now.

I do plan on seeing Roosevelt Island again on July 4th to run a 10k. This is the last day of the running streak and I figured since it started on that island with a 10k it should end on that island with a 10k. I’ve seen steady improvement with my running and an overall happiness with running again since I started the streak and that is exactly what I was hoping for.

I would also like to see some of you donate to my charity page for The Trevor Project.


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