I apologize for the lack of any post in such a long time. Things can catch up with you when work is involved and plus there was very little running going on. But things are starting to get better.

While on a business trip last week in Montreal I had the opportunity to run a 5k that my company put on. It was the first time I ran outdoors since October 26 and the first since a little treadmill run during marathon week.

I did not run the NYC Marathon as expected and I’m fine with that. I  did the next best thing which was to volunteer at the mile 24 water station and cheer zone. Not once did I feel regret at not running but it certainly made me want to come back.

I ran the Laurie Harris Hope and Dreams 5k yesterday on Roosevelt Island and while I still feel out of shape I’m not that far off getting back into running/racing shape.

But it’s time to recommit and get focused.

As usual, I want the Miami Half to be a goal race. This is a tough one when you go from cold NYC winters to the lovely (and I really mean that) heat and humidity of Miami. This race can beat you up in so many ways. But I’m going to give it a go again.

This time around I’m going to use one the Runner’s World and Training Peaks plans for the half marathon. I used one a few years back and really liked it. The plan is that it will force me to get out there and be consistent with my training again. It’s focused on my goal finish time so I have very specific runs with specific paces listed for each those runs. It will help keep that in mind each and every time I head out on the road.

So here we go, it’s time to get it going again.


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