My Consistency is Like a Roller Coaster

So just about every week I am convinced that I’ll finally be able to do some consistent running and follow this training plan that I am on but right now, just about the most consistent thing I have been able to do is cram in some runs on Friday, Saturday, and sometimes Sunday. This does not make for 1) properly following a training plan and 2) being consistent in that training plan.

Because of this, I have not built up the conditioning that I was hoping I would have by now. Theoretically, I should be on week nine or 10 of my training plan but in reality I am stuck on week three. My poor motivation jar is only collecting about five to six dollars a week.

But, and there is a good but, I am finally feeling a bit more confident in what little progress I have made and feel as though I am fully ready to move on to week four. Hoorah!!!

Good thing, since I’m planning on muddling my way through a half marathon this weekend in DC. Again, zero goals on this one but yes, it would be nice to improve my no goal time from the Miami Half. If anything, I hope my time will improve because it will be warmer in DC than it was on race day in Miami. Yes, you read that correctly. I’m also hoping that without the out and back on the “hilly” MacArthur Causeway I’ll be able to improve my time.

Nuevo zapatos!! Didn't know I was bilingual did you? (c) Stacey Cooper

Nuevo zapatos!! Didn’t know I was bilingual did you? (c) Stacey Cooper

Oh, and I have new shoes! New shoes always make you run faster. This is scientifically proven somewhere, I’m sure of it.

Ever since my metatarsal injury I have had a challenging time finding the perfect shoe. I’ve tried Asics, Brooks, and several models of Adidas shoes settling on the Energy Boost.

Then Adidas decided that it wanted to win my heart (and feet) over for good.

Adidas recently came out with the Pure Boost X. I have no idea if the X means “x” or “ten.” The shoe has been design with a woman’s foot in mind and is supposed to hug/mold to the arch of the foot to provide maximum support. In fact the bottom of the arch support on the shoe isn’t even attached to the sole of the shoe. What!?! Yup, you put your finger right on through it and look out to the other side. The shoe is also made of the sock-like material, again, to provide the best support.

At first the shoes seemed a little tight and I had to work my inserts into them but once I wore them for a day they fit like a charm and do provide excellent support. I have been on several runs with them and absolutely love how they feel. Of course, the big test will be the half marathon on Saturday but I feel confident with how they will feel.

And this week, I swear I will follow my training plan!



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