Gear ‘n Stuff

Now that I’m finally excited about my marathon, I am now excited about my new gear and other stuff that I got for my marathon training and running in general. Being the nerd that I am some of this gear prep started at Christmas time with some additions to my Amazon wish list. My mother looked and some of this stuff and basically said, WTF. But being the good mother she is, she hooked me up.

The long run specific items on the list were FuelBelt pouches that I could add to the FuelBelt I already had. I loved my FuelBelt but the one pouch it came with was not sufficient to hold gels, phone, keys, money and other items like tampons. My new pimped out FuelBelt is perfect! I can hold all of the above and still  have room for a few other things and it doesn’t feel heavier at all. I got to try it out in earnest on my last three long runs and it has made me happy.

What has made me and my girls even happier is my new Zensah sports bra. If you have been brave enough to follow my blog over the years you’ll know that I have written about sports bra and boobs in detail. In short, bounce is not good and a good sports bra prevents the bounce. I had read a product review from someone else who fell in love with the Zensah. I also have their calf compression sleeves and like how those feel so I gave this a try. I am now in sports bra heaven. The girls are safely secured, there is no bounce and no chafing. The one downside for my more well endowed friends is that the largest size only fits those who wear 34ABC – 36AB bras. I don’t have a problem paying 36 bucks for them since I pay more for my every day bras.

My love for Gu has also been well documented but there is a certain bit of excitement when your 24 pack supply arrives. I prefer the tri-berry and vanilla bean flavors. For storage I use one of the wooden boxes that my Dancing Deer cookies came in. The wood box is nice looking and makes feel less guilty about eating all those awesome cookies in the first place.

Finally I have to give a shout out to Stop ‘n Shop for their 10 for 10 sales. This has provided me endless cans of tomato puree, diced tomatoes, whole tomatoes, and yogurt. The 10 for 10 deal has also provided me with the large bottles of Gatorade and Cliff bars. Thankfully I have a large pantry and if anyone needs any variety of canned tomatoes, I’m your gal.

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