Fabulous Fifteen

Last weekend’s long run may have been filled with duh moments but this week’s 15 mile long run proofed to be even better.

I did a similar route along the Hudson headed downtown and turned around at my halfway point in front of the old Fulton Fish Market. I kept may pace steady, followed my nutrition and even through in some small hills around Chelsea and Battery Park.

As you approach the Wall Street area of this run you can either go straight into the more populated areas of the business district or stay along the river/harbor edge. Not wanting to see the World Trade Center construction site I stayed along the river/harbor edge and was glad I did. If you don’t run this area often you can forget about all the little treasures that this route has. All of these little park and garden areas really do make you forget that just one block over it is all concrete and tall buildings.

9/11 Memorial Flags

9/11 Memorial Flags lined up throughout Battery Park.

As I headed into Battery Park I saw the memorial flags lined up throughout the park. There is one flag for every life lost on September 11 and on each flag the stripe has the names of the victims. While all of us know we lost so many on that day, the flags really make it more tangible.

My early timing of this run meant that many of the tourists were not yet out and about so that gave me a chance to run deep into the park and really enjoy it and the same came be said for the South Street Seaport area. New Yorkers really do need some tourist free days so that we can enjoy our city.

Back to the running bit. On my way back up north someone asked if he could run with me and for some strange reason I said yes. Dr. Ram is from Pittsburgh and visiting his daughter who lives on West 101st Street. He helped keep a nice steady pace and even got me some nice negative splits. When we parted ways I was able to keep my focus for the remainder of my run which involved a nice steady rain for about 30 minutes.

I was doing so well that when I hit 13.1 miles I noticed that my time was better than my past three half marathons. That gave me an amazing boost to finish my last two miles strong and with a bit of a smile on my face.

When I got home and synced my Garmin I compared it to last year’s 15 mile run and saw that I completed this one 11 minutes faster. Holy crap, I am doing better! I remember a stretch of last year’s run shortly after the 11 mile mark when I just couldn’t run. This year, I never had that problem. Two weeks of good long runs solidifies that I am headed in the direction.

Next weekend I have the FITNESS® Mind, Body + Spirit Games four mile run in Central Park. As soon as I finish that I’ll add on an additional 12 miles so that I can get my 16 miles in for the weekend. I can’t wait!


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