One is the Loneliest Number

Unless you hang out exclusively with runners.

One of the many hard things about training for a marathon is the time commitment you have to make. My training plan is an 18 week plan plus I was training for a half marathon right before this. This means I have been in real training modem for about 25 weeks. This has been goal oriented runs during the week and weekends. With the marathon training and the fact that I am a back of the pack runner my long runs on weekends last three plus hours. Then you need to add in recovery time and any travel time. This means most of my Saturdays are shot.

It also means little opportunity for a social life. The one exception I have made has been my Liberty basketball games but unfortunately most other things fall rough the cracks. This has meant no happy hours or a late night before a long run. My training schedule is often hard on family and friends.

If you are not a runner it is hard to fully grasp this. A member of family exasperatedly told me that they wished I would stopped running altogether and I missed a party on Saturday evening because I took an extra long nap.

I feel guilty about this and it has put a damper on some of the success that I have had with my training this year. Now thanks to the WNBA and the late start time for a race on Saturday I’m in a bit of a training pickle.

There is a four mile race on Saturday that starts at 10:00 am. I was planning to test some of my found training success and race this, it has been a while since I’ve had a PR and I want to go for it. I also have to run 16 miles this weekend and had planned to add the 12 on at the end. Now the WNBA has scheduled the Liberty playoff game for 4:00 pm. The race is in NY, I live in Westchester, and the game is in Newark. Don’t forget the back of the pack thing. Now I have to figure out if trying to race this four miles is a good idea and maybe do my 12 miles before the race.

This also wipes out any other Saturday plans. I do have an extra ticket to the game so if anyone wants to join me you can be my social event for the week.


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