The Internet is down at work and Verizon is working on it. Since my job is the Internet I’m sitting here twirling my thumbs and am getting more antsy by the minute. Thank goodness for iPhones and IPads.

On the running front, I will not be doing any more running until the wee little 26.2 mile run on Sunday.

I picked up my bib at the expo yesterday and got everything I need for Sunday earlier in the week so now it’s just about staying relaxed, hydrating, and eating some wonderful carbs. I love carbs!

I am so much more excited for this year’s marathon that I was last year. Maybe it’s because everything about last year was new and I really didn’t know what to expect that I just kept everything on an even keel. Now that I know what to expect and have a real plan for this marathon I can’t wait to get running and see how it all pans out.

I looked back at my training log and am amazed at the progress I have made this year. Going from dreading the marathon, to thinking about deferring, to getting excited and improving with each run. It has been an amazing 18 weeks.

Those are also 18 weeks when all my friends and family have had to put up with me talking almost non-stop about this race. I think some of my co-workers may hate me. But seriously, it’s not just the runner who makes this commitment but the people who surround and support us whether they signed on it for it not. It can be hard living with and loving a marathoner. To everyone who supported me and listened, thank you.

By bib number is 65404 and you can track my progress via the NYRR website. If you happen to be my friend on Facebook, I’ve signed up with Asics to have my status posted on there. I will apologize in advance if those posts get annoying, but you can just hide it like I do all of your Mafia Wars and FarmVille updates.

To everyone running on Sunday, you will be awesome and amazing!

Random, lesbian name to get more page views (Hey, it’s been working) – Rosie O’Donnell


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