The One Percent

I remember reading an article sometime last year that said about less than one percent of the human population has run a marathon. I have now run in two.

Running Medals

My medal collection looks nice with two NYC Marathon medals!

This one hurt so much more than the first but I did get an 11 minute PR out of this one. While I’m going back and forth on being excited about the 11 minute PR and disappointment because I missed my goal.

Then I chastise myself because there are people like Zoe Koplowitz who do this marathon every year. Zoe has become legendary for this marathon because she has MS and for over two decades has walked this race with her walker and the assistance of the Guardian Angels. She finishes more than 30 hours after the race has started but she finishes. I have passed her in both of my marathons.

There was also the double leg amputee and who also lost an arm. I passed him in Brooklyn as he was walking on his prothetic legs. I also passed a heart transplant recipient and I’m sure many others who have overcome so much more than my sore quads and calves.

A special thank you goes out to Rebecca, Oliver, Phil D., Rick, Donna, Wil, Jackie (and family), and Suzy for cheering me on. An even bigger thanks goes out to Brittany who jumped out onto the course with me at around mile 22 and got me to mile 24. She helped me keep moving and got me that PR.

I’m also glad to report that no one can say I was hallucinating this year. The chicken did not have any chicken friends join him and I have proof of this. I also beat Mr. Met and Mrs. Yankee this year, the husband and wife team dressed in the team uniforms. How that marriage has lasted I don’t know. I did not beat the chicken or the M&Ms but I did put on a sprint at the finish to pass the women wearing their red bras and other strange stringy things.


Rebecca's sign. I saw the bees from 100 yards away. I also got a nice hug.

Today, I’m feeling a bit sore. Getting up off the sofa is challenging and I’m not going to mention going down stairs. But once I get some momentum going, I don’t look that bad. At least I don’t think I do. I was pretty sure that if I got a PR Mary Wittenberg was supposed to come to my house this morning to take out my recycling and walk the dogs.

I think this may have been my last marathon for while as I had planned. The fact that my quads and calves were tight from the second mile was a sign that I was going to have a rough day. But I am going to do my +1 volunteer gig later in the month as a huge just in case.

Right now I have to focus on recovery and then getting back into training for the Miami Half Marathon at the end of January.


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3 Responses to The One Percent

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  2. Congrats on finishing! I too passed many of the team Achilles members and it was so inspiring…I kept thinking if they could keep going, so could I

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