Adios Mile High City

I only have a few hours left in Denver. I’ll be heading to the airport in about 1.5 hours and I’m happy to be headed home.

One of the things about this conference is that when you get here it’s takes a bit for things to get rolling. You’re going to meetings and doing things but it doesn’t really get frenetic until Monday and then you’re going non-stop and days are a blur and you can’t believe that you actually have to pack to go home.

But happy I am!

Overall this trip has been great. I got to have lunch with someone who played a very important part in my life when I first moved to New York. We hadn’t seen each other in about 20 years but it was so easy to just sit and talk and I am so glad she is back in my life. Thanks journalism/Google research skills!

I say this every year, but I really do get to work with the best volunteers in my organization. I’ve had some doozies here and there and that makes me appreciate my core group of volunteers even more. They really contribute so much to the Society and well, without them I wouldn’t have a job.

I am very happy that I got through a whole business trip without putting my room key next to my cell phone and wiping out all the data on the key. You have no idea how huge this is. Last year, everyone knew at the reg desk because I was there almost everyday to get my room key re-swiped with my precious room code.

I wish I got to go out running more often but alas Denver has a slightly freaky homeless population and I understood why the hotel had that safety disclaimer on the running route they provided. It has been a long time since I have seen someone shoot up in broad daylight so I thank you for that Denver.

But I did feel really great the two times I did go out and felt incredibly optimistic about the start of my training for the Miami Half Marathon. I’ve got all of next week off so I can do some nice goal oriented runs during the daytime and not have to worry about it getting dark.

I am also very happy for eggs, meat, and potatoes in any combination in a breakfast dish. I had a real breakfast today that did not have a small muffin or Danish in sight.

I think the Perks ladies are going to miss me ordering my Venti double shot of Tazo Awake tea and the expression on my face after that first sip. Those got me through this conference without having to get mad at anyone once.

Finally, I am hoping I won’t have to use the tornado shelters in the Denver airport. Just kidding, but they do have those signs all over the airport and those shelters happen to be located in the restrooms. Let us all pray that the wind inDenver dies down so that my flight is not delayed and that no one sneezes at LaGuardia and delays my landing as we all know a single sneeze can delay flights up to two hours. Oh, and most importantly please let my flight be empty like it was coming here. That was super nice so if you are flying from Denver to New York today please take a flight that isn’t mine.


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