Major Altitude (Sort of)

Today is my first full day here in Denver. I got in yesterday afternoon and took it easy with a stroll along the 16th Street Mall. No altitude sickness but my legs did feel a little wobbly at times but I think that was a combination of a four and half hour flight and a little altitude. I did grow up in a mountainous area so I think there is some sort of lung memory on what that feels like so I don’t it bothered me that much. Well, maybe not that actual theory but work with me. Everyone was saying that every glass of wine is like having two but I didn’t really feel that either after four glasses.

My original plan was to head out this morning to run in a 5k race here but being tired and all I got up at 7:00 am and would not have made it out there in time to register and race. Instead, I took advantage of the running route that the hotel provided. I mapped it out into Map My Run, switched to classic mode and imported the course into my Garmin. You’d think that being in the Mile High City my Garmin would locate a satellite more quickly but when there are buildings around you still gotta.

Cherry Creek Trail in Denver

Just a bit of the view along Cherry Creek. (c) Stacey Cooper

The route goes along the Cherry Creek Trail for most of the way, but as I found out it’s not all that trail(y) but is actually a paved path. Not complaining though because it was a nice flat route to get the post-marathon legs moving again. This was supposed to be a six mile run but I lost my way a bit as the turn sheet on the hotel website didn’t account for the detour on the path for construction. Oh and there should really be a sign that says, ‘This is the Platte River, this is where you are supposed to turn right.” It really is hard to tell when a creek turns into a river.

After finding a good point to turn around without looking touristy and obviously lost I headed back along the creek and made my way to exit ramp near the convention center. This wee little ramp felt like running up a steep mountain. Oh, hello altitude, nice to meet you! Near the top I lost my left lung on the side of the road (not pictured). Sort of kidding.

My planned six mile run turned out to be only about four miles but I’m with that being the first post-marathon run and at altitude. The legs feel pretty good and really didn’t feel much different from last year’s first post-marathon run so I’m very happy about that.

I’ve got about three meetings to go to this afternoon and then we have the opening ceremony for the conference tonight. There will be free booze for me. I’m going to test that one drink equals two theory again.

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