My Miami countdown has begun. I have confirmed my seats on my flight, made the other necessary travel arrangements, and ripped a bunch of DVDs for my iPad (These were off DVDs that I legally own, I would never rip any DVDs from Netflix. Never.).

So far I have packed a swimsuit and a pair of running socks. I’m sure I’ll get around to putting things like running clothes and shoes in there but I can do that on Thursday evening. Why rush.

I am going to bring my tape measure because Gloria Estefan still has a restraining order with my name on it so I’ll have to stay 100 feet away from her. She doesn’t want to do the Conga with me after I let the rhythm get a little carried away the last time I was there.

Race-wise, I am looking forward to this one. I have wanted to run this race for a few years because I love Miami and this course looks incredibly fun with lost of great views of the water. I’m hoping to improve my recent race time so that I can get closer to my PR time from a couple of years ago. It would be awesome to have a PR but I’m setting a realistic goal here and I want to be happy about the race no matter what.

Proof that I am indeed a badass. When you get an award with that on it, it's real and you can never, ever take that away.

I’m going to bring my badass attitude to this race and mainly focus on the task at hand. I’ve got my race plan all in place and have my three goals set. While you know my ultimate goal, I’m keeping the other two sort of secret. That’s just how I am. There must be some sort of mystery to me after all.

My bib number is 28874  and if you feel like tracking me you can go here and I’m going to add the auto updates to me Facebook and Twitter feeds. You may hate me for that.

Post-race badassery will involve a beach, a few drinks with umbrellas in them, and some incredibly hot women. This is Miami, I am single, and I will enjoy this.



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  1. todayingay says:

    Never has a better post ever been written.

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