I ran the Miami Half Marathon today, but before I post my race recap I thought I would share some of the things I was thinking about while running. Not in any particular order.

1. Why do women have to wear tutus when they run races?

2. Most porta-potties are made out of the best kind of plastic that can be recycled.

3. Wow, she really shouldn’t be wearing those short shorts.

4. That dude cheering us on is wearing some nice pajamas.

5. Of course the giant fat guy is offering us beer.

6. Ugh, that girl is annoying. I need to pass her now.

7. I hope the burger joint is open when I’m done.

8. These dudes screaming for us are gong to feel their hangover in about an hour.

9. Oh look, P. Diddy’s house. I wonder if J. Lo still owns the house on the other island.

10. Now she has a very nice ass.


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1 Response to Thoughts

  1. wrapthenose says:

    I love your race recap!

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