Coogan’s It Is!

After my mother got stabilized in the hospital I had finally let my mind wander to the weeks ahead and thought at the time that any future plans would have to be put on hold. Yes, she was that bad for a while. But as her bed kept getting moved further and further from ICU I let my mind wander to actually running the Coogan’s 5k tomorrow.

My initial thought was, “Hey I usually don’t head over to the until the afternoon so I can fit it in.” But then guilt set in and I thought it might not be such a good idea. But after sitting with her yesterday and today, as well as a nice pick me up chat with  my uncle I’m going to run this thing. Primarily for the reason that I need it.

It seems that my previous post on the mental health benefits of running was apropos to my current situation. The first week that my mother was in the hospital I didn’t run at all and to be honest my heart wasn’t into it. The second week, I got a little twitchy. Although it could also have something to do with reading a marathon training book at her bedside.

The first day I ran again it basically turned into a speed workout with all of the adrenaline that was bottled up from the previous week. Later I would find out that while was out running my mother was getting her breathing tube removed. Two days later when I got out for another run, she got moved out of the ICU. Coincidence, yes, but I like to think that those things are connected.

In order for me to continue to have the energy and strength that I am going to need to help my mother through her recovery that means I have to stay healthy and strong as well. When I don’t run I feel the exhaustion of sitting by her hospital bed even more and the chores that have to be done at home seem overwhelming.

Running gives me that strength and I know that running in one of my favorite races and seeing some of my buddies is the medicine that I desperately need to get through this. So tomorrow I’ll getting into my salsa, blues and shamrocks groove and run a 5k for my mom.


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