Coogan’s Recap

With everything going on in my life right now, I didn’t have any expectations for this race in terms of time. My one and only goal was to run and enjoy this great course. I certainly did that and a little more.

Oddly enough, one of my favorite things about this race is taking the subway to W. 168th Street. This is probably the most popular 5k in NYC and to see hundreds of runners all getting off the train and making their way to the race is always a little exciting. It helps to reinforce the fact that you are not the only crazy one doing this running thing.

For once I started the race nice and easy and ran at a comfortable pace. This is one of those races, no matter how short it is, where you want to keep that pace in check due to the many hills on this course. I felt good the whole way and felt that’s had managed the hills well. I really didn’t look at my Garmin too much just in case I was going super slow.

But during the second half of the race I started picking people off, like the woman running in her leather jacket. That is always a good feeling and even better were the cheers from my running buddies. Oh and most of the second half is downhill so I had a nice negative split.

When I finally crossed the finish line and dared to look at my Garmin I was impressed with the time. I knew it wasn’t a PR but thought it may have been my best Coogan’s. Sure enough when I checked my race history only phone I did get a nice course PR and even better, I was only 18 seconds off my 5k PR.

I needed this run for so many other reasons and got some nice bonuses too boot.


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