The Doctor Knows Best

I haven’t had a physical in over five years and since I turned the big 4-0 I though it might be a good idea. I walked away being the valedictorian physicals. You are now jealous, I know.

I’m also convinced that I have the best doctor ever because I got to see her before my 9:00 am appointment. Yes, you read that correctly. My doctor did not make me wait and took me in early.

She was impressed with my blood pressure and my cardiogram results — both normal. She liked that I was a runner. When I got to her office after the exam she said she normally has to give patients lectures on what they are doing wrong and was happy that she didn’t have to do that for a change. We’re just waiting on my blood work but she expects that to be fine.

I have really lucked out in choosing my doctors because I choose them mainly on looks and, well, which hospitals they are affiliated with. I figure there as to be some sort of real medical decision based on choosing a doctor even though my primary concern is if I find them to be attractive.

So I have my clean bill of health to keep running.


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