Healthy Kidney 10k


Hello Mr. Kidney, you may not be a giant colon I can walk through but you are a very good mascot.

Today was my last race/long run before the Brooklyn Half Marathon. I didn’t have a specific goal mind given that I’m supposed to be cutting down on the miles a bit this week. I mainly just wanted to keep my momentum going.

With over 8,000 people registered for the race it was very crowded at the start and there was a lot of bumping going on. At some time during the first quarter mile someone hit my arm and inadvertently hit the stop button on my Garmin. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this until about a mile and a half into the race. I’ve I had a specific time goal in mind I would have been pissed but just took this in stride and who knows maybe that helped me run a bit more free.

Both of the Harlem Hills felt almost effortless and I was really impressed with myself for how I kept my pace steady while running up the hills. I passed a few people I had my eye on and left them in my dust for the finish, always an excellent way to finish a race.

At the end I got to see Meb Keflezighi and Ryan Hall. They both ran the race as a tune up for the London Games.


I ended up wi my best 10k time since 2010 so I am very happy that and can turn my full attention to Brooklyn now. I didn’t really go into the training with a specific time goal for this one either so I’m hoping my string of good running continues.

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