My Achy Breaky…Quad

The sore legs I had last week are pretty much better this week except for my right quad. It wants to be the drama queen right now.

The times for my weekly runs confirmed that everything was a go. Tuesday was it’s usual sluggish self and Wednesday and Thursday picked up and felt pretty good. However, the right quad did not like when I stopped moving and sat for a while and now is just sore the entire time I am not moving. I have been doing the RICE thing when I have not been running and so far it is getting better.

Tomorrow is my 10 mile long run, the first double digit long run for this year’s training. It feels like the real deal now. I guess when you run more longer distance races it feels odd calling seven miles a long run. In my mind, it isn’t a long run unless it is at least 10 miles. I’m hoping the quad decides to cooperate and let’s me get through this run. I’m pretty confident it will.

On a side note, when I was going back through my running logs I noticed that I didn’t actually run my first long for the marathon until August 13. That goes to show just how much I wasn’t looking forward to the marathon last year. At that time I recall trying to figure out if I should defer, just not do it, or suck it up. A few weeks later I had a really great long run, got excited, and ended up with an 11 minute PR.

This has left me going back to my 2010 numbers to get an idea on what my pace was like and to see how I have been measuring up. I’ve been looking at those numbers with a huge grain of salt since that was my first marathon and I just had no idea what to expect. My 10 mile long from 2010 was about two minutes slower than what I’m averaging now. Since I love to crunch the numbers this is killing me that I’ll have to wait a couple of more weeks to do some solid comparisons. But I’ll live for now.


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