Quad Tales

After I had to cut my long run short on Saturday I told myself I would give my quad a whole week off from running just to give it the rest it needed. Well, I made it a whole three days before the antsy feeling kicked in. I think you should be proud of me, I lasted longer than I thought I would.

On the whole my quad feels much better. I’ve been icing it, foam rolling it, and I even took some Advil for a little extra help. Did I mention that I rested it for three days?

My plan is to take it out for a test drive tomorrow morning. That is if I can get up. I just had two large glasses of wine, something I typically don’t do the night before a run. But you see, I decided to try the running thing half way through the second glass of wine. So maybe I’m not thinking properly right now.

But seriously, the quad does feel a lot better. I say this as I have an ice pack making out with said quad (not pictured).

The plan is to go out for an easy run tomorrow morning just to check in and see how everything feels. I’ve got a big running weekend planned and I just want see where I’m at.

Saturday, I plan on doing my seven mile long run along the New York City Summer Streets. That route just happens to be the one where I started my marathon training last year which means I’ll finally have some data to compare where I am now to where I was last year. I’ve been itching for that info for a few weeks now and I will not be denied.

On Sunday, I have the Damon Runyon 5k at Yankee Stadium. We get to run two laps around the warning track. Last year, I touched everything that security would allow me to touch including rubbing my right breast on the WB Mason sign in right field. Please think of my boob whenever you see that sign.

This year, I plan on recording the first lap on the warning track to share with all of you. It really is an incredible experience and I thought it might be nice to share it. It will be slow so you’ll actually get to see into the dug outs and what it’s like to look into the stands from center field. I don’t run that fast to make things blurry. We’ll also be running up all the stairs a couple of times but those are stairs and boring and you don’t want to hear me huffing and puffing as I climb them so I won’t record that part.

So pray for my quad and that I am able to get up and feel human tomorrow morning.

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