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We’re finally in to the meat of my training program, the time when from here on out every long is double digits. Marathon training feels light now.

I took the week off from running to give every muscle in my right thigh some time to rest. Doing last week’s long run with the 5k at Yankee Stadium the next day my not have been one of the smartest things I’ve done but it was Summer Streets and it was Yankee Stadium.

With my quad and IT band covered in KT Tape everything was held into place and felt pretty good the whole run. It felts good when I finished and held up for the post run stretching and walking up some stairs. I’ll ice it tonight and give it my legs their usual rest days and we should be in fine shape for next week.


This is the second week that I used Hal Higdon’s training app in the city. It picked up the signal fairly quick and for the first half of the run was only a quarter of a mile ahead of my Garmin. But…(there’s always a but) it stopped tracking the miles after 6.63 miles. It still kept time, playing music and giving me Hal’s words of wisdom throughout but not distance. I’m not sure why it stopped tracking the distance. I’ll give the app another go next week to see how it holds up.

I’ve ordered a couple of new running gadgets that I’ll test next week and let you know how well they work. One is supposed to keep you cool the other keeps the fog away.


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