Back to School

After giving my quad some extra rest last week, today meant getting back on schedule and a lovely three mile run around the block.

My quad was tight for most of the run but felt better running than when it did walking. That means I need to run more. I had some extra time this morning so I was able to ice my leg properly and it feels perfectly fine now. I’ll probably regret writing that.

Today I also got to break in my new running shoes! I always get a little excited breaking in a new pair of shoes. There’s so much promise about what we are going to accomplish. The last pair got me through two half marathons, a 15k, a few 10ks, and I don’t even remember how many four mile races. Let’s not forget all those lovely training miles. They were already pushing the 300 hundred mile threshold when I knew their end wasn’t near. Now they’re probably pushing 400+ miles.


That new pair above is very white but I think after one long run this weekend they’ll look broken in. But just think about all the miles we’re going to run together, including the NYC Marathon. Those shoes are excited!

With my computer on the fritz, well it’s got a bad logic board so it’s basically dead, I have not been able to sync my Garmin. Just when I was excited about having last year’s data to compare this year’s long runs with I don’t have access to it. It’s killing me. It also seems that last year during June I decided not to log my runs in my paper log book. My nerd tendencies also failed me because I never entered any comments on my Excel spreadsheet.

So now I’m going old school and entering all those little juicy details of each run into my paper log book. In a way, that holds a lot of promise with all the details I’ll be entering.

In some ways it feels like I’m going back to school with new shoes and a new notebook. Only this time no one will make fun of me for being a dork.


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