Dear ING NYC Marathon

I can’t quit you.

I know I told you that after running last year that I wasn’t going to again. But I need you.

After a difficult year of seeing people who have legitimate reasons for not running a marathon I quickly realized that my reason of not wanting to deal with sore muscles the next day was incredibly wimpy.

Back in January my mother told me she wanted me to run. I gave her every excuse of why I wasn’t. Then in February I almost lost her. I didn’t run the first week that she was in ICU because I thought something bad would happen when I was out running. Then I finally went running and she got taken off the ventilator. The next time I went running she got moved out of the ICU. In my mind, my running was helping her get better. I was so desperate at that time that I needed to believe that. What I really knew was that I had to stay healthy and strong to help her. Running was my outlet. I knew then that I would run you again NYC Marathon.

Training for you gave me something to focus on other than hospital visits, doctors, and nurses. It gave me a chance to cry, a chance to feel in control of something, and a chance to feel normal. I needed you to help me get through the most difficult time of my life.

So when we meet again on Sunday I will embrace you with everything I have and it will be with pure joy that I run your streets again. These streets will be ones that are having their own tough time right now due to Hurricane Sandy. We will remind the city about how much we need this event. We all need something to cheer now.

You have taken care of me these past two years and I know you will welcome me with open arms again. You will show me your love and remind me why I love you show much.


P.S. But hey, could you do something to flatten out 5th Avenue?


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1 Response to Dear ING NYC Marathon

  1. I will be there cheering on spectators! I ran it last year and wish I could be running again, but I will be in 2013. Good luck!!!

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