Long Distance Dedication

Yes, I just went Casey Kasem on you. 

There is now a lot of controversy over the running of the NYC marathon. I’m not going to rehash the pros and cons of having it. I am a rational person and fully understand both sides of the argument. My heart as a runner and as someone dedicating this event to some I love dearly sides with holding it.

I’ve had to stop reading articles about the marathon because I ultimately read the comments that are becoming more horrible. Right now I really believe that I will be booed for the entire 26.2 miles. The excitement I’ve had for this year’s race no longer exists and I’m trying not to dwell on that as marathon Sunday approaches.

For my regular readers and friends you know that my mother almost died this past year. She was in and out of hospitals and nursing homes for none months. My mother has shown a fight and desire to live that would make most marathoners look wimpy. I am dedicating my marathon to her. Within that marathon each mile will be dedicated to many of the people who helped save her life and care for her during this time. I’ve also thrown in a few others that I have lost over the years who have touched my life.

Instead of a pace band I will be wearing a band with each of their names on it. Thinking about them during each mile will help get me through this race.

Here are the people who have touched my life and their miles.

1 & 2 – Pearl Ford (RIP)

3 – Drs. Molinelli, Lubin, and Hui at Greenwich Hospital

4 – The MICU nurses of Greenwich Hospital, especially Mary, Carol, Ann, and Kathy.

5 – The Surgical A nurses & Techs of Greenwich Hospital

6 – Sue, Ventia, Jasmine, and Esther at Sarah Neuman Nursing Home

7 – Micheline Turturro (RIP)

8 – Drs. Bacon, Kolscar, Yun, and Maltez and White Plains Hospital

9 – The nurses and techs on 4F at White Plains Hospital

10 – The nurses and techs on 5F at White Plains Hospital

11 – The ICU nurses at White Plains Hospital

12 – The Cardiac Care nurses at White Plains Hospital

13 – Everyone in Publications at ASME

14 – The nurses and techs on 3F at White Plains Hospital

15 – The volunteers at the front desk of White Plains Hospital

16 – The nurses and techs and Port Chester Nursing Home.

17 – The nurses and techs on Medical A at Greenwich Hospital

18 – The ER doctors and nurses at Greenwich Hospital

19 – The ER doctors and nurses at White Plains Hospital

20 – Edna C.

21 – Carolyn T.

22 – Donald W.

23 – Terry D.

24 – Peggi T.

25 – Margaret Edwards (RIP)

26.2 – Mom gets the final 1.2 miles as well.

All of these people have touched our lives so much and they will always have a place in my heart. Running this marathon and celebrating my mom’s life is the least I can do.

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