The New Plan

I’ve done somewhere around 11-15 half marathons. I’m 40 now and I can’t remember all of them. I know for sure it’s at least 11 there may be one or two or three others I can’t remember. I’m sure they were great races and were a lot fun.

When I ran my first half marathon I didn’t have a real plan I just knew that I needed to increase my mileage a little bit every week and then rest the week of the race. I finished in a respectable time. Ever since I have used the same plan, mainly because for one magic training cycle every training run was awesome and I ended up getting a very nice PR. Thank you, Philly Half.

Last summer after the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon I wrote about switching up plans and I did a whole bunch of research by pulling out all of my old copies of Runner’s World and Women’s Running magazines. I thought I found one I liked but when it came time to actually put it in the calendar I stuck by my tried and true plan.

I’m by no means disappointed in the old plan I was using and I often recommend it to others but just like changing running routes or routine some a change makes things just that more exciting again. I needed to get out of my post-the NYC marathon that didn’t happen blues and being the nerd I am, a new running plan did the trick. So did booking a flight to Miami in January.

I thought it would take me longer to find a new plan, but as with moving swiftly ahead with making travel arrangements to Miami I swiftly chose a new half marathon training plan.

Are ready to find out which one I picked? Of course you are!

Well, I picked the Runner’d World Challenge one. I know two people who have used this to get their PRs for their own half marathons and really liked the plan and the support they received.

I’m not necessarily looking for a PR but if that happens I’ll be happy, very happy. I just want to be really excited and happy for this half marathon. After the year I’ve had I think I deserve that.

The first thing I noticed about this plan that differs from other plan is that I don’t have a long run that is more than 13 miles but I do have some more intense mid-week runs. Admittedly the mid-week runs will be the hardest as I only have so much time in the morning to go running and my evenings are even more limited. But I am going to do my best to push myself to improve. I promise to even try the cross-training. (Hi, yoga for runners lady!)

Training starts next week, the way all plans should start, with a rest day on Monday. Seriously, isn’t it nice to start a plan and the very day is a rest day!?!

Until then I’m easing back into regular running. I signed up for NYRR’s Race to Deliver this weekend. This is the first time I’m running this one as I have normally fulfilled my +1 volunteer gig at this race so I’m looking forward to running in this one. Then there’s that rest day.

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