Loving the Unexpected

For the past couple of weeks I’ve noticed that my usual runs have been a lot faster and that I have been feeling comfortable at those fast paces. While these fast times were happening during my daily runs it would be interesting to see how that would carry over to an actual race.

Today was my chance to put that to the test. Um, yeah, I passed.

Not only did I get a new PR, something that I wasn’t even thinking about, but I also ran the fastest race of my adult running life.

There were so many times last year when I had trained for a PR or had hoped to get close to one and of course it rarely happened. I was hit or miss with one massive PR for my 2011 marathon and little PRs in smaller races like a 5k and a three miler.

Today’s PR was only by about a minute but because of the unexpected nature of it, I’m on cloud nine right now.

Now, how did I get it? I think the explanation is pretty simple — I didn’t run the marathon.

I had trained faithfully and well for that marathon, I really think I would have gotten another marathon PR. I would have had to have a totally crap day for it not to happen. If I ran that marathon my legs would be a bit dead at this time of year and I don’t think I would have achieved today’s PR if I ran the marathon. My legs are rested and ready to run hard.

Oh and there was also that 10 pound weight loss that happened somewhere along the marathon training. Had no idea until I finally weighed myself last week. Yeah, I never really believe people when they say I look like I lost weight. Guess they were right.

I am incredibly anxious to build on this achievement and am really excited that my training for the Miami Half Marathon starts this week. What a perfect way to start that training and put some goals together for that race.


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