Giving Thanks

There is so much for me to thankful for this Thanksgiving and if you know me well you know what those things are. I am not going to devote this post to mushiness, I’m done with that. It’s time to talk about the other things we are thankful for — like pie.

I am thankful for this new fast pace that I have. I think I can actually work on this for a realistic shot at a new PR for the Miami Half Marathon.

I am thankful that my new knit hat matches my favorite running socks! (c) Stacey Cooper

I am thankful for my foam roller. Now that the temperature has dropped below 60 degrees my IT band on right leg likes to make it’s presence known. I nice roll on that lovely foamy thing makes it all good.

I am also thankful for my Stick. That just gets out all of those other little kinks here and there.

I am thankful for the 10 for 10 sales on Gatorade at Stop & Shop. The bottom shelf of my fridge is always stocked with my two favorite flavors.

I am thankful for the sweet Black Friday sale at National Running Center so that I can get my running shoes at a very good price.

I am thankful for the recent pant exchange with Lori.

I am thankful for my discount coupons at Modell’s so that I could stock up on new base layers.

I am thankful for the pre-cooked Thanksgiving dinner from FreshDirect so it will only take me one hour to prepare dinner.

I am thankful for pie, always thankful for pie.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


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