The Negative Stuff

I am the Queen of the Positive Split and am actually a little proud of that. After all it takes a special mentality to be able to handle that no matter how slow you start out you are only going to get slower as you go along.

There are plenty of people who embrace that negative split and easily do so every single race. You folks go ahead and enjoy your ability to run fast at the end of the race.

But hold on.

A few weeks ago something very strange happened during my early morning run, a little three miles before dawn. I got a negative split — each mile was faster than the one before that. The only witness was Brooke 2.0, my Garmin. Brooke deals in numbers so what she says is always true.

That had to have been an anomaly, right? I mean how can I, the Queen of the Positive Split possibly make this a regular occurrence?

There were races that followed and no dice. Life had returned to normal, the positive splits returned and I felt ok being back in what I knew to be comfort zone.

Then I had to run the NYCRUNS Ice Cream Social 10k on Roosevelt Island. The weather was perfect. I was feeling good and no expectations for this race. I’m not training for anything right now and the goal was to just run. I did.

I was happy with my pace and felt it was fairly consistent throughout the whole race. I felt as though I was slowing down during miles four and five as they seemed to be more of a struggle but I kept up that pace for the last 1.2 miles.

It wasn’t until I checked out Brooke and notice that the last half of the race felt harder was because I was running harder.

I don’t know what to do with myself now.

Well, of course I do. That negative split thing has given me the positive boost I need to feel good about my marathon training that will start in the beginning of July.

So I may need to let abdicate my throne and embrace this new concept of achieving a negative split.


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