Hello Summer!

It figures that I decide to participate in the Runners World Run Streak Challenge and the weather here in NYC decides to act like it is July and August instead of early June.

The streak is a 39 day challenge that started on Memorial Day and ends on July 4. All you have to do is run one mile, any pace, every day. This is exactly what I needed at this time before I start my marathon training.

One of the problems I have had recently has been my consistency. As I’ve explained in previous posts, I just haven’t had the oomph to get out the door and run. Because I might be just a tiny bit competitive (meaning really competitive) this streak will get my out the door every morning.

Challenges are good. As runners we know this. Things getting a little blah, change your route, your distance, your pace, or add a running streak challenge. It’s amazing how these simple little things work.

My other not so easy challenge of late has been finding a personal trainer who fully grasps what I need to accomplish strength training wise. One of the things I wanted to have in place before marathon training started was a personal trainer and a solid strength training program so I could avoid getting troublesome areas that always act up during marathon training. I know I need to strengthen those areas and as well as others to avoid this. I also know that I in order to step up my goals of doing two marathons a year instead of just one I need this.

But at the same time, and we as runners know this, we don’t want to add bulk we want to tone and strengthen and should really only do so twice and at most three times a week. So far I have met with three personal trainers who insist that I can do more and just don’t understand the running aspect of my overall training.

My weak areas are tendonitis on the top of my left foot, my popliteal muscle behind my right knee, and then the upper Achilles/lower calf area on my left leg. The first two I can get by with some KT Tape and ice after a run. The Achilles/calf thing has actually forced me to take extra rest days.

So right now I am using basic strength training tips from a few running websites but I really want something that’s geared for my specific needs.

Until then I’m taking it easy on any speed work and am just focusing on getting my total miles in and staying pain free.


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