Chasing That PR

I admit that I am on the verge of becoming a crazed lunatic and obsessing over four digits that will bring me a new PR (personal record for my non-running readers) for the half marathon.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you know this is something I have been wanting to accomplish for a while. You also know that this goal of mine has not happened and unless I can find a half marathon on the September 21 or 22 I most likely won’t have another shot at it this year. Yes, I’m a little bummed out over that.

I was hoping I could get this new PR in Miami. My training had been going well and then my Achilles started to hurt and that forced me into some rest days. When I was finally ready to run again it got drastically cold here in NYC. I’m talking 16 degrees drastically cold and I admit that I was afraid to try and push things. No PR in Miami.

Then I ran a half marathon in Central Park in February and then the NYC Half in March. I didn’t make these goal races but in the back of mind I was hoping that maybe just maybe I could find the speed I would need. The PR did not magically appear.

This left Brooklyn. It would be perfect, right? The start of the course is slightly downhill, with the challenge of Prospect Park, and then the flat straight away down Ocean Parkway. It was also going to be my 15th half marathon. The running gods were going to smile on me. They had to. But my body decided I needed rest and I just couldn’t get myself out the door during the week even though I somehow managed to do my long runs on the weekend. So yeah, no PR in Brooklyn.

I was hoping I would have one more legitimate shot in Staten Island but that race date falls on the same day I need to do my last 20 mile long run for the NYC Marathon. I will not be dumb and try and race that half marathon and think I can easily had on the additional seven miles.

I’m trying to let it go, really I am, but that average pace I need to hit is just hanging out in my brain. And that was before I may have added that number to some of my passwords. Like I said, I’m not really obsessing about this too much.

But in all seriousness, if you know of a half marathon in the northeast on September 21 or 22, I will buy you a llama.


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