That Time to Look Back

Ah, it’s that wonderful time of the year when we bloggers all write that year in review post. I wish I could say I was going to break the mold but I’m not.

When 2013 started I had one simple goal ā€” to make the year about me. That, of course, was easier said than done. My mother was still recovering from her almost year-long illness and I was still her primary caregiver.

I had a goal of getting a new half marathon PR at the Miami Half in January. It didn’t happen but I did get a course PR and still had an amazing amount of fun. It was the first trip I was able to take after my mother’s illness. I needed that trip in so many ways.

Then I came back and ran a half marathon in February and then ran the NYC Half in March. Both were lackluster at best and that was when I lost my running mojo. I ran very little in April and dealt with fatigue and an achy quad. But I still had hopes of getting that half marathon PR at the Brooklyn Half in May. It was going to be 15th half marathon as well as the location of my very first half.

I failed miserably at the PR. Still enjoyed it to a certain extent but it served as the wake up call that I needed. I realized that the reason I lost my running mojo was because my body needed a rest from being a care giver and running all the time. I was on high alert for a year and half and my body knew it was time to just rest and that in order for me to get going again I would have to take baby steps.

I did just that on Memorial Day Weekend by starting the Runner’s World Streak Challenge. That goal was to run at least one mile a day until July 4. I did and I fell in love with running again. Then good things really started to happen.

My running improved tremendously and I felt good about myself again. I set a modest goal for my marathon and had several panic attacks about that.

Then the PRs started to happen and just didn’t seem as thought they could stop no matter what distance I ran. I even got that elusive half marathon PR that had been haunting me for four years and then broke that again two weeks later. If that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself I don’t know what will.

I felt really great going into my marathon and then had a major panic attack when my former running coach said I could run it faster. I did and scored that one hour plus PR. I’m still in awe about that.

One of the things I have really been proud of is not having the usual post-marathon blahs. While I haven’t been running as much, I have been running consistently and keeping my new pace pretty steady. I’ve continued to get those PRs and now just only have one distance where I did not PR. That would be a three mile race and since I just have one of those a year, that’s not a biggie. I expect to shatter that next year.

I’ve started training for another Miami Half with my good buddy. This always fun half should be even more fun with Doreen making the trip with me. I cannot wait for Miami this year!

I’ve also started training for a spring marathon, which will be the first time I doing one of these. So far the panic attacks have been minimal and hopefully they will stay that way.

My final mileage for 2013 is 1084, a number I never thought I would reach and look forward to hitting that again next year if not out right surpassing it.

So, while there were a lot of great things to look back upon this past year I am very excited about 2014 because I’ve got a pretty good foundation to build on now.

Happy New Year!


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