Consistently Inconsistent

That blog title perfectly explains how my training runs have gone lately.

Between the weather and a grumpy kidney stone that I named Fred I just have not been running as consistently as I have wanted or planned to. I am not at all happy about this.

So, after a emotionally down week at the beginning of last week, I knew I had to get my butt in gear. I was able to complete five training runs in a row. Not all were that actual distances I was supposed to run but I got the consistent miles in. I’m hoping to do the same this week.

Winter is always a hard season for me, as it is for many runners. I just don’t like the season and not so much of early spring either. My miles always go down during this time of year as does my motivation. Trying to trick myself out of this funk has been hard.

I have a big race coming up, that hasn’t helped much and it typically never has at this time of year. I’ve been going to the gym when work doesn’t get in the way but there is only a certain amount of time that I have on the treadmill.

Calculating some vDot System stuff. Or just being super nerdy.

Calculating some vDot System stuff. Or just being super nerdy.

So today, I brought out the big guns. I went into my nerd mode and calculated numbers and played with spreadsheets. Specifically, I used the Vdot system. If you want a detailed description of this you can go here but it basically helps you calculate your training threshold and provides some predicted race times based on your current fitness level.

So I now have current paces based on my new average pace. I now know what paces to hit for certain types of training and a good idea for some of my predicted finish times for some upcoming races can be. The caveat — I’ve got to put in the work.

Another cool thing about this is that it confirmed that I’m on target for my NJ Marathon time goals. It matches exactly with my “B” goal that will give me a 12 minute PR. The marathon is on April 27 and there is a realistic shot at improving enough so that I can meet my “A” goal. Again, I need to put in the work.

I’m also not far off from another half marathon PR in Miami and that is exciting to think about. My last long run for Miami is this weekend and if I can run consistently and push myself this is a realistic goal.

So this starts with my first threshold run at my new confirmed pace for this. I will embrace my need to love the numbers and that is a good motivating factor to myself out of this little rut that I’m in. At the same time, I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t hit some of these predicted finish times. After all, they are just predictions.

I need to get back on the good side of consistency.


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