I want my kidney to be this happy again. Maybe minus the hands. That can't feel too good inside your body.

I want my kidney to be this happy again. Maybe minus the hands. That can’t feel too good inside your body.

Yesterday was the big the day that I would say goodbye to Fred, the kidney stone. I underwent Shock Wave Lithotripsy and now I wait. I’m not really in any pain, nothing that I wasn’t experiencing prior to the procedure.

I had planned on feeling more pain as the fragments of Fred would be passing out of me and also planned that there would be no running this week. But since I’m not feeling any different than before, aside from being tired, I think I’ll hit the roads tomorrow for my four mile run.

I’m still having major confidence about this upcoming marathon. I’ve been getting my long runs completed but have not been able to run consistently. While I think this is the case for just about everyone in the Northeast, I just know that for me to perform my best I need to maintain my training schedule.

I know I gave myself another week after this procedure to decide on what to do about this marathon but I’ve got nine weeks left. So of course I’m wondering if that is enough time. Can I turn things around successfully? But of course I won’t know this until this kidney stone stuff subsides for good.

I’m getting way too anxious about this waiting.


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4 Responses to Waiting

  1. sarahdudek80 says:

    Hope you are back to feeling great soon!

  2. Good luck. Hopefully this is a one time episode.

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