Miami Vice Err Half

Well I had another disappointing Miami Half Marathon. As much as I try to remind myself that I don’t do well at destination races I still hope.

My training was erratic due to the weather and my kidney stone. At least this year is was not due to motivation. Then during the first half of the race I had stomach cramping issues. I got that taken care of for three miles where I tired to make up the time but at mile 10 my kidney stone decided it did not want run hard.

While I wasn’t aiming for a PR, I had given up on that idea weeks ago, I was hoping to be close to my PR time. I was off by 12 minutes. Even though I got a course PR I was disappointed. Not so much for the half but for my overall training for the NJ Marathon. If you can call my half marathon training erratic you can call the overall marathon training a near disaster.

For example this week I am supposed to total 36 miles but will only be making 22. I have only had one week that got close to 30 and that was 27 miles. I can’t achieve my goal if I only rely on the weekend long run. Then let’s just throw in the fact that I just feel incredibly out of shape. My gut tells me if I continue like this my time will be worse than my NYC Marathon time of this past year.

Now I’m facing the hard decision. Do I keep plugging away and hope my gut is wrong or do I drop down to the half to try and restore some dignity? I figure that I have three weeks to try and figure this out. One of those weeks will include the kidney stone procedure that will wipe out almost a whole week of training.

This is going to be a long three weeks. I feel bad for the people who have to be near me as I work this out. I apologize in advance.


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